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This category is for software developers who want to learn more about the guardian project's libraries and other tools to enhance mobile security. ++

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This category is dedicated to questions around the mobile apps, comments on the blog, and other "non-programming" questions.

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All about making apps that look, feel and work good... design, usability, user experience, user interface and more! This is a place that we'll have design experts share their work, techniques, tools, and more.

فارسی - Developers Square

برای تغییر جهت نوشته‌ها از چپ به راست لطفا به تنظیمات مراجعه کنید.
‬‫برای‪ ‬آينده‪ ‬ای‪ ‬بهتر‪ ،‬با‪ ‬هم‪ ‬کدنويسی‪ ‬کنيم‬
‫ما‪ ‬شبکه‪ ‬ای‪ ‬جهانی‪ ‬از‪ برنامه نویسان‪ ،‬متخصص‪ ‬های‪ ‬سخت‪ ‬افزار‪ ،‬مديرهای‪ ‬محصولات‪ ،‬کارآفرين‪ ‬ها‪ ،‬و‪ ‬کاربرها‪ ‬هستيم‪ ‬که‪ ‬برای‬‫‪ ‬‬‪ ‫آينده‪ ‬ای‪ ‬بهتر‪ ،‬متصل‪ ‬تر‪ ،‬ايمن‪ ‬تر‪ ،‬ومتحرک‪ ‬تر‪ ‬همکاری‪ ‬ميکنيم‪.‬‬

DevSq Content Team

In this category, we're talking about content development and translations.